Thursday, December 14, 2017

YCPO - December 2017


I hope you  had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends! I enjoyed meeting and talking with many of you at Fall Conference in North Conway N. H.  It was a fun time, and I especially enjoyed your  enthusiasm for Young Children  Priority One.

 I am writing to follow up on the Reading Corners for Laundromats Project. When you submit a local zip code to Sara Watson, (, you will hear back from her to let you know if there are any laundromats who are members of the Coin Landry  Association(CLA) in your area. It may happen that there are no members of CLA in your requested area. Please don’t give up on this project! 

Sara Watson will send you an introductory letter about the project and other information which can be shared with the laundromat owner in your area. Plan B is to approach a laundromat owner with the given Information from Sara, explain the project and the Kiwanis Club’s role , and hopefully working together the Reading Corner can be set up. It’s important to contact the owner of the laundromat, and not a worker or manager! You may also try to contact the owner with the information from ReadyNation via USPS with your contact information, It’s also appropriate to talk about Kiwanis and our mission. It’s very possible the laundromat owner may become a Potential New Member(PNM)

I know some of you have approached Laundromat owners directly and are well on you way towards setting up a Reading Corner. Please remember you can  purchase a kit (bookshelf, books, rug and posters) through ReadyNation. Contact Sara Watson, and she will direct you on buying the kit of materials.

 LINKS will be provided to order:

1.  the book holder (2’ x 1’)

 2.  rug (3’ x 5’ – optional if space is tight)

3.    books ages 1-5 yrs. of age  are available from


Scholastic Books (

Reading Warehouse ( for a Bargain Book Box 25 books for $45

or gently used books may be used.

4.  Posters and sign asking that the books remain at the laundromat

5.    Form to get permission to take photos and use them for publicity purposes

GREAT NEWS! The Kiwanis Foundation of New England, through their Grant Program, has pre-approved   $1600
funding to help pay for the kits for the Reading Corners(total cost per kit ).A Kiwanis Club must fill out the KFNE Grant application with specific information about the laundromat where the Reading Corner will be set up. Submit the completed application to The Club will receive $200 to buy the kit from ReadyNation. The grant  money will be distributed on a “first come, first serve” basis. Each Club may apply only once for this assistance.

Once the Reading Corner is established the Kiwanis Club MUST  submit  to KFNE:

A minimum of eight (8) 4”x 6” non-returnable color photos capturing the event/project in various phases, along with a summary, at the completion of the project.

There are approximately 135 Kiwanis Clubs in the New England Distrct. Wouldn’t it be great if we set up 135 Laundromat Reading Corners? Thank you for your support of Young Children Priority One.

If I can be of help, please contact me. 

Av a  Adams, District Coordinator
Young Children Priority One
Scarborough Maine Kiwanis Club
New England and Bermuda District